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The Latin from Manhattan (upcoming) / Doom Inc.
Director: Thomas Mignone

Producers: Andrew Drapkin, Sean Fernald, Arthur Sarkissian, Thomas Mignone 

Starring:  Drea DeMatteo, Taryn Manning, Vivian Lamolli


The Stepfather (additional score) / Sony Screen Gems

Director: Nelson McCormick

Producers: J.S. Cardone, Guy Oseary, Meredith Zamsky

Starring: Amber Heard, Sela Ward, Penn Badgley, Christopher Meloni 


Insanitarium / Sony Screen Gems

Director: Jeff Buhler

Producers: Chris Bender, Andrew Golov, Mason Novick, Larry Schapiro, J.C. Spink Michael J. Zampino

Starring: Jesse Mettcalfe, Olivia Munn, Peter Stormare


On the Doll / Peace Arch 
Director: Thomas Mignone

Producers: Ryan Harper, Anne McCarthy, Jeff Most, Thomas Mignone, John Saviano, Jay Scully

Starring: Britany Snow, Josh Janowicz, Candice Accola-King, Cam Gigandet, Theresa Russell 


Night Skies / Sony Pictures

Director: Roy Knyrim
Producers: Mike Greene, Steve B. Harris, Jerry Macaluso 

Starring: A.J. Cook, Jason Connery, George Stults 




Hi-5 Animated Series/ Hi-5 Operations

Director:  Darrin Lin

Starring:  Tanika Anderson, Ainsley Melham, Dayen Zheng, Stevie Nicholson, Mary Lasceris

Jane Doe: The Harder They Fall / Hallmark Channel
Director: Lea Thompson

Producers: Kyle A. Clark, Dean Hargrove, Robert Haimi Jr., Larry Levinson 

Starring: Lea Thompson, Helen Slater 


Finish Line / Levinson Films

Director: Gerry Lively

Producers: H. Daniel Gross, Larry Levinson, Milena Milicevic, Michael Moran, Randy Pope, Tony Roman

Starring: Scott Baio, Sam Page, Taylor Cole 


Backwoods / Spike TV

Director: Marty Weiss

Producers: Larry Levinson, Albert T. Dickerson, Michael Moran, Tony Roman 

Starring: Haylie Duff, Ryan Merriman, Danny Nucci 




Go Deeper / Newport Beach Film Festival 

Director:  Jed Hathaway

Producers:  Alex Bulkley, Corey Campodonico, Jack Zegarski



Director: Katrina Rivers
Starring: Jade Gordon, Kai Lennox 


Ford - Alaska Documentary / Interloper Films 

Director: Ondi Timoner
Producers: Ondi Timoner, J. Walter Thompson 





 Mobi PCS
 Current TV - Vanguard News       

 Queens Hospital

 Sony TV            
 Hawaii Super Ferry           

 Burlington Coat Factory 

 Pinch App




L.A. Auto Show:  Ford Ecco


Dead Space 3: EA Games 


Deus-ex: Eidos/Square Enix


Star Trek: CBS 




Beverly Hills 90210 / Soundtrack

Cool It / Soundtrack

The Stepfather / Soundtrack 

The Roommate / Soundtrack 

Insanitarium / Soundtrack
Night Skies / Soundtrack

On the Doll / Soundtrack 

Escape from L.A. / Soundtrack 



Hawaii Advertising Federation Pele Awards, 2009-2010 Award of Excellence, Music Score “Line Art” Mobi PCS
, Award of Excellence, Music Score “Here and There/Girl”, Mobi PCS 


Hawaii Advertising Federation Pele Awards, 2008-2009
 Best of Show, “Faddahʼs Car”, Mobi PCS


MTV 12 Angry Viewers Award, 1998, Lusk, “Backworlds”
 Best Music Video


Grammy Nomination 1997, Lusk, “Free Mars” 
Best Art Direction


Billboard Music Video Awards 1993, TOOL, “Sober”
  Best Video by a New Artist & Best Clip of the Year 




Phantom Power / Independent (Producer, Engineer, Mixer)

Lesser Key Parallels / Sumerian Records (Co-writer, Instrumentalist)

Zenith Myth Zenith Myth / Vibra Cobra Records (Co-writer, Instrumentalist)

Feersum Ennjin Feersum Ennjin / Dissociated Press (Writer, Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist)

Feersum Ennjin EP / Silent Uproar (Writer, Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist)

Queen Maud Land EP / Dissociated Press (Co-writer, Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist)

Carissa’s Wierd They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave / Hardly Art (Co-producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist)

Carissa’s Wierd Ugly But Honest / Brown Records (Co-producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist)

Stella Maris Stella Maris / Independent (Producer, Engineer, Instrumentalist)

Lusk Free Mars / Volcano/BMG (Co-writer, Producer, Instrumentalist)

Replicants Replicants / Volcano/BMG (Co-writer, Instrumentalist)

TOOL Aenima / Volcano/BMG (Co-writer)

TOOL Undertow / Volcano/BMG (Co-writer, Instrumentalist)

TOOL Opiate / Volcano/BMG (Co-writer, Instrumentalist)

Big Yuck Mouth Wreck of the Ella Fitzgerald / Polemic Records (Co-writer, Instrumentalist)

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